Peak 98
Peak 98

Peak® 98

Versatility Has a Name

On the hunt for an all-mountain quiver-killer? You're in the right place. The KeyHole Technology™-equipped Peak 98 is equally at home on boilerplate and boot-top-deep powder.

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Peak® 98

Peak® 98

Peak® 98

50% Off-Trail50% On-Trail

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Ski Length Guide

Only want to own one pair of skis? You should reconsider that. But if forced, reach for the Peak 98. It leaves trenches on hardpack and blows up powder.

If you ask us, the Peak 98 is the ski that 80 percent of skiers should be piloting 80 percent of the time. It’s that versatile. Looking at nothing but groomers today? You can cruise at family speeds or blast super-G turns. Off-trail in powder, crud, chalk, or corn, it’s nimble and floaty enough for all but the deepest of resort days. The 98 defines the all-mountain category. 

Like the sounds of the Peak 98 but looking for something lighter weight and suited for inbound hikes? Pop on over to our Peak 98SC skis. The slightly softer flex and weight savings make it a top pick for the backcountry crowd and women skiers too.

Shipping & Returns

No Buyer’s Remorse—Ever

"We test Peak Skis, so you don't have to."

That's a guiding principle here at Peak. From phase one prototyping to final production and beyond, we test our skis to make sure they offer the huge performance window we envisioned. The customer is not our guinea pig.

But we also know that every skier is looking for a specific "feel" in a ski, and we support that. If you aren't happy with the ski you selected (maybe you bought the wrong length or model) you can return it for another model/length—or a full refund.

We're tempted to call that a "no questions asked" exchange, but in fact we like to ask questions, so we get better at what we do.

Here's the deal: For any skis purchased after March 15th, you have until December 31st of that year to return them for another set of skis or a full refund. If you buy and receive your skis after December 31st, you have 30 days to ski them and decide.

To make this easier, just hold onto the box the skis come in and then fill out the below form and we'll respond with a return label. 

It's a pretty easy return—for a product with the dimensions of lumber.


Return Form


The Fine Print

All Returns

We are only able to refund to the original method of payment. Please allow at least 7 days for the refund to appear on your card.  See below for other details.

Exchanges on Skis

We are happy to exchange your skis within the time frames described above for another model of the same year that we currently have in stock.  Just email and include your original order number (PS-####), which ski model and length you are sending back and which ski model and length you would like to receive. 

We’ll send you a FedEX return label to put on the box.  Then drop off the box at a FedEX location and make sure to get a receipt!  We will ship out the replacements within a week of receiving the return and will send you a tracking number so you can follow their progress.

Ski Returns

Make sure you are still within the return timeframes listed above and email with your original order number (PS-####) and the model and length you are returning.  We’ll then email you a FedEX return label.  Drop off the box at a FedEX location and make sure to get a receipt!  Once we receive the skis we will send you a refund. 

Returns on Non-Ski Products

Unused apparel and non-ski gear (anything that is not a ski) that is in new condition with tags and in the original box, may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. 

Binding Returns and Exchanges

Bindings must be in unmounted condition in the original packaging including all mounting hardware, labels and inserts.  The original binding box must be enclosed in another box to protect the binding box from damage. Email us at to get a FedEX return label and make sure to get a receipt when you drop them off. 

Returns on Promotions

The return policy on promotions (including bundles) varies based on the offer and is communicated in the advertisement, offer email or the page related to the promotion.  Typically, all items in the promotion must be returned in order to receive a full refund and non-ski products (bindings, goggles, etc . . . ) must be in new, unused condition, with tags in the original box.  Keep this in mind if you plan to mount bindings that were part of a promotion.  Buy-one-get-one free offers require the return of all items to receive a refund as partial refunds are not permitted.


Shipping on purchases over $50, in U.S., is free (for returns too). Elsewhere in the world, the customer pays shipping, duties and fees, but that’s all easily calculated with at checkout.



While unlikely, it’s possible that you will receive a pair of skis with a minor flaw. It’s also possible, while out enjoying your skis, something goes wrong with them that is unrelated to the ski conditions or environment. Should a circumstance arise where you discover a flaw after putting your skis on snow, and you are the original owner, we will happily replace them for up to three years from the date of purchase. Enjoying your skis is paramount; if enjoying your skis results in damage to the skis from any number of hazards that exist in the mountain environment, we trust that you’ll understand if we have a tough time replacing them due to conditions or circumstances outside of Peak’s realm of influence.

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Peak® 98

Whats Under the Hood

The 98s were made to rip on packed snow at least 50 percent of the time, but you can still smear ‘em off trail, too—it's a shapeshifter. Here, a paulownia and ash core gets sandwiched by two sheets of metal. But to detune the ski just enough for bowls and big lines, we didn’t run the bottom alloy wall-to-wall. A vertical cut in the upper metal makes for buttery turn initiation.

Additional Tech

 Peak® 98
  • Weight
    (per ski)
  • Shovel Width 126mm
  • Waist 98mm
  • Tail Width 114mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Greg Shumaker Shumaker
A Ski for All Conditions

Got 3 Utah days on the 98s back in March. 3 days, 3 completely different conditions; exposed crust, lightly covered crud, and then powder. The 98s handled each flawlessly. Can’t wait to get some more days on them next season! Thx

Scott Stockdill

Great Skis!! Super responsive on the groomers. Great in the powder and crud!

Jamie Holland (extremeproductions_9)
Peak 104 Perfect

I purchased the Peak 104's by Bode in late November and have been waiting for the right snow conditions. Here in Durango, CO those conditions came this past week. Our mountain Purgatory Resort became a powder playground. Stoked to get on the 104's I was pleasantly surprised with the responsiveness in the powder as I bounced through the trees and, let them rip all over the mountain. As conditions started to get tracked out, I was able to let the ski's run and smashed through the soft snow with confidence. On the third day of constant snow fall with 10" overnight and a blue sky day, confident in my Peak 104's, I let them rip grabbing air where possible and laying down great lines. When conditions started to bump out I found the 178 length a little too much for my 5'7 frame but, where I found I lost out in the bumps I gained so much in the fresh pow and tracked soft snow. I am truly thankful I purchased the Peak 104's.

John Ciccone
Stunning Engineering Artistry - SitSkier

Often, I can describe a ski's performance after one lap.. this was not the case. The Peak 98 by Bode is an amazingly unique experience getting to know it, then letting it go and learning how stable it is fore/aft in any part of the turn shape, at any speed.
This ski has one of the strongest, most controllable and stable tails I've ever felt - I'm in love. The carve it produces is clean, crisp and firm; stunning engineering artistry.
You can feel both the tip and tail holding tightly into a carve and throughout the entire turn shape, cutting past varied conditions. Locked in, yet free to release on command, the range of control from aggressive to soft riding is superb.
Thank you for creating an amazing ski; it will be very hard to grab any other from my quiver for the rest of the season.
-John Ciccone

Damp! No speed limit! And happy on edge too!

Love Love Love these skis.
Bombing runs on Wolvie and in the bumps alike. Can't believe how smooth a ride through crud at high speed, and then turning them on edge carving hard. So versatile. Great job! Thank you!