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Our Story

At Peak™, we are hell bent on doing things differently. We have built this
company on innovation, grit, performance, precision and what if’s. What drives us is a passion to create something better. We pride ourselves on creative destruction – always tearing down what has been done before in order to create something new. We are very proudly a Montana company – embodying the same characteristics of the American west and the same spirit as Montana. Courage. Pride. Honesty. And an unmatched and unwavering desire to do what hasn’t been done before are what drives us.

The Peak Story

Innovation center or Skunkworks?

If you stop by our showroom and gallery at our Bozeman, Montana headquarters, you just might hear a racket coming from the building next door. That’s the Peak Development Group and Innovation Center. (We just call it the skunkworks.) Inside we’re developing prototypes on an Austrian-made Langzauner ski press and running skis through one of the most sophisticated fully-automated ski tuners in North America. There’s other stuff happening too, but you’ll need special clearance.

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Since launching in April of 2022, Peak has already reshaped the ski industry in numerous ways. Our short- and long-term vision has us focused beyond just skis, but also the development of advanced materials, integration of cutting-edge technologies and even changing the process and machinery used to make skis.

We are excited to invite you to join us as we take our mission to the next level.

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Two men inspecting the build of a ski

undying Quality Control

Just ordered a pair of skis? We’ll get them to you quickly, but not Amazon Prime quickly. That’s because every pair of Peak Skis gets rigorously quality controlled before it goes into a box to you. The tools of the QC trade are precision digital calipers, micrometers, and old-school true bars and gummy stones. We also trust our eyes for half a dozen visual inspections. The payoff? Skis that'll make you gloat.


Andy Wirth

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Bode Miller

Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer

Darrin Haugen

 Chief Product Officer 

Tracy Chang

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebecca Huyard

Vice President of Finance and Accounting

Catie Park

Director of Business Development and Special Projects

Alex Ford

Director of Operations

Chris Davenport

Senior Director of Skiing and Product Innovation

JT Holmes

Senior Director of Business Development & Innovation

Michelle Parker

Senior Director of Product Development & Innovation

Alto Cinco (aka “Cinco”)

Executive Vice President of the Montana Spirit, Reigned Cow and Cutting Horse Operations