Embracing Our Montana Roots

Locating Peak’s headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, was by no means “chance.” We pride ourselves in being in southwestern Montana- a place where the community is not just celebrated but prioritized.

Community Partnerships

One of the ways we show our love for Montana is through the partnerships we have formed. Over the past year, we’ve had the honor of working with a variety of organizations. We encourage you to learn more about them and consider providing your support along with ours. It’s groups like these that work to make not just Montana, but the whole darn world a better place.

Donation Requests

If you’re a non-profit, we welcome you to use our showroom space as yours… and we mean that. Non-profits can rent out our showroom for up to two hours, free of charge. If you’re interested in hosting your next event here, please visit our showroom page for inquiries.

For other donation requests, please fill out our inquiry form and someone will be in touch.

Donation Inquiry Form

Montana Made Collection

Unique creations from Local Artisans

Skis aside, we wanted our Bozeman showroom to highlight the work of some of the creative artisans in our community. Whether it’s a product thoughtfully curated with a local business partner or something to invoke the storytelling behind the craftsmanship of one of our neighbors, we think you’ll enjoy learning more about what it looks like to be “Montana Made.”

Maverik Knives

Maverik Murdoch is a 25-year-old bladesmith from Bozeman, MT, whose passion for the outdoors morphed into a devotion to creating hand-crafted knives that could be passed down from one generation to the next. His craftsmanship spoke to us, and we’ve been honored to continue sharing his story through our Peak-branded folding and fixed blade knives.

Montana Honey Bee

Montana Bee Company can be recognized as somewhat of a “disruptor” of honey products. Standing out from other honey products you might see on the shelves, they specialize in all-natural, raw, 100 percent gourmet honey that’s never heated or filtered- all from the fields and mountain meadows of Southwestern Montana. If you’re looking for enjoying a piece of MT in your home, this honey is for you.

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch’s motto “built for the mission” is something we can stand by. Since 2000, they’ve brought their goal of creating the “best load-hauling backpacks in the world” to life here in Bozeman, and we wanted to be a part of it. Our Peak-branded D-Route and Urban Assault backpacks bring together this shared interest in performance to your next adventure.

Wildrye Distilling

Have a love for bourbon and rye? Wild Rye Distilling stands out from other distilleries through its dedication to supporting local agriculture and economies. Everything from sourcing ingredients to bottling is done locally. We loved this ethos (and the spirits) so much that we wanted to share a “Peak Montana” bourbon and rye with you all.

Brett McGinley Fine Art

Brett McGinley, a 5th-generation Montanan, can do just about anything when it comes to custom art. His innovation is limitless- whether it’s a custom-made bronze sculpture of Bode, personalized skis, a one-of-a-kind painting or an airbrushed design on the motorcycle in our showroom, he’s been a Four Corners neighbor that continues to encourage us to think outside the box.