Peak Lôc8™

Peak Lôc8™

Skier using PEAK Lôc8™

Never Lost. Always Found.

With our revolutionary PEAK Lôc8™ technology, losing your skis is a thing of the past. We are integrating a state-of-the-art tracking device right into the construction of our 24/25 line of skis. Whether you misplaced them in the racks on a busy resort day, they’ve pre-released in deep snow, or need to be located during hectic airport travel, PEAK Lôc8™ ensures your skis can always be tracked down. The search is over.

A Piece of Tech That Gives You Peace of Mind

Ski Location

Gone are the days of struggling to remember where you left your skis before lunch. PEAK Lôc8’s tracking technology will signal your skis’ GPS location to the mobile app of your choosing and the five LED lights embedded in the skis will illuminate as well. And because PEAK Lôc8 is integrated directly into the ski, it is always there when you need it, no matter if you remember it or not.

Loss Prevention

No matter how long you’ve been skiing, having your skis leave your feet occasionally due to pre-release or a crash comes with the territory. But with PEAK Lôc8’s tracking technology, you’ll often be able to locate your ski using the Hot/Cold search function*. And PEAK Lôc8 is built right into the ski, so even if you manage to keep your skis firmly on your feet most days, it’ll be there when you need it. 

Ski Tracking

For many of us, travelling is part of skiing. But the stress typically associated with travelling with skis is something we could all do without. PEAK Lôc8 tracking technology ensures you have visibility on your skis’ location from the moment you hand them off to an airline or ski valet. With it being built into the construction of the skis, you never need to worry about the tracking device being damaged or falling off. 

The PEAK Lôc8™ app
Skier using Peak Lôc8™

How it Works

The device is integrated right into the construction of the ski and is powered by a lithium battery. It’s wirelessly rechargeable with a standard Qi charger, holding a charge for up to six months.   

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the device communicates with your smartphone to provide real-time location updates. PEAK Lôc8 is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 

CrowdGPS® technology is used to estimate the location of the ski with higher accuracy than traditional GPS alone. Combining the GPS signals from multiple nearby devices helps pinpoint your skis’ location, making it easy to locate in crowded ski racks or base areas.

PEAK Lôc8 Webcast

Listen to the panel of experts from both Peak Ski Company and Pebblebee talk about how the partnership came about, how the technology works and why it's beneficial to skiers and what's next for both Peak Skis and Pebblebee.

Panel includes:

  • Peak Cofounder & CEO: Andy Wirth
  • Peak Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer: Bode Miller
  • Pebblebee Founder & CTO: Daniel Daoura
  • Peak VP of Innovation, Design and Production: Darrin Haugen
  • Pebblebee CEO: Doug Bieter

Frequently Asked Questions

How did PEAK Lôc8 come to fruition?

The concept for PEAK Lôc8 was developed when Peak Ski Company cofounder Andy Wirth was training for a Denali expedition several years ago. Curious to understand how tracking technology might work in harsh winter environments, he duct taped a market leading tracking device to his backcountry skis. Wirth learned a great deal relative to the tracking device’s value, some of the limitations such as battery life, and the host of upsides associated with this type of technology.

How does CrowdGPS® work?

CrowdGPS® is a crowd-sourced Global Positioning System (GPS) technology that uses the collective data from multiple nearby devices such as cell phones or tablets to enhance the accuracy of GPS signals and extend communication without a cellular plan. It works by combining GPS signals from multiple devices to estimate the location of the device with higher accuracy compared to the traditional GPS alone. The devices send their GPS readings to a central server which then fuses this data to determine the most likely location of each device. The improved location information is then sent back to the owner device, allowing them to provide a more accurate location. This in turn enables bluetooth only tracking solutions to have an extended global range so long as a supported nearby device is available.

How does it charge?

The current implementation is through wireless Qi charging.

What is the typical range of Bluetooth?

We have been able to prove up to 500 feet range. However, surrounding environments can dramatically reduce or improve range.

What about precise location in feet and direction?

With Bluetooth Low Energy only, we can provide an estimate proximity. This can be done with messaging or Hot/Cold indicators.

What is the temperature range of this battery?

Currently between -20C to 80C.

How long will it last on a single charge?

Our expectation with normal use is up to 6 months on a single charge. This can be greatly increased to 8-9 months depending on the environment.

What are LEDs used for?

There are five (5) white LEDs on the board that can be individually controlled. Currently their use is for locating the equipment, for notification that it is ready to be paired with and for charge indication. Colors can be customized to customer requirements.

Is the device Over the Air (OTA) updatable? 

Yes, the device can be updated wirelessly over the air through the management App and over bluetooth.

Can the device be locked to the owner?

Yes, the device can be password protected by user through the use of a management App such as the Pebblebee App.

Can the device be factory reset?

Yes the device can be factory reset while being charged for a certain short period and through the use of a management app such as the Pebblebee App.

Does Peak Lôc8 interfere with Beacon signal transmission?

No, PEAK Lôc8 does not interfere with transceiver signal transmission. PEAK Lôc8 uses standard Bluetooth low energy (BLE) signals at 2.4 GHz while avalanche transceivers transmit using 457 kHz frequency.

What is Peak Ski Company’s relationship with Pebblebee?

Peak partnered with Pebblebee to license their technology and their innovative patent portfolio and bring the concept to fruition. Through a joint development agreement, Peak Ski Company has established exclusive global licensing rights to the technology within the mountain and winter sports sector.

What Peak ski models will this technology be offered in?

PEAK Lôc8 will be available in 24/25 models of Peak skis.