About Peak

Black and white image of Madison Range in Montana

About Peak®

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

—Robert Frost

Our Why

Standing behind Bode at our Bozeman R&D center you'll find a team of passionate skiers with some strong beliefs…

We believe in product over marketing. We believe in American innovation. We believe listening to skiers is more important than listening to middlemen. We believe in phone calls not bots. We believe grit trumps mission statements. We believe in standing up after a fall.

We believe in powder mornings and groomer laps; big backcountry lines and magic carpets; welcoming newcomers but honoring our elders, and never forgetting that as much as it consumes our lives, it’s just skiing. Whoop it up.

Our Precision Approach

During his World Cup days, Bode's technicians would sand the sidewalls on his skis with an emory cloth to reduce drag. Chris Davenport's "gearage" is so dialed he could head out to a Himalayan expedition—tomorrow. The factory engineers groan when they see us because we incessantly sweat the minutia. Hell, it took us three months to design the box your skis came in. With Peak®, precision matters because you matter.

Testing, Testing, Testing.

The downfall of most small brands? Confirmation bias: interpreting evidence as corroboration of preset beliefs. Because any skier can adapt to even the worst pair of skis, confirmation bias is a trap.

It’s our goal for every Peak model to outperform the top skis on the market. To do that, we test them against the best of the rest—repeatedly—from phase one prototypes, to early production, to the final skis we send you.

Skier slashing pow
Lightening bold striking down on snowy alpine peaks

The Story Behind the Lightning

Spend enough time in the mountains and it will happen. A storm darkens the sky. Wet flakes swarm. And just as you’re zippering into your hood, the crack and roll of thunder. Suddenly you’re more aware of your existence.

That’s thunder snow; a rarefied meteorological occurrence that to Peak is symbolic. In an age of homogenization of both skis and skiing, Peak stands apart, defying expectations—like thunder in a blizzard.

For other states I have affection. But with Montana it is love.

—John Steinbeck

Why Peak?

(Hint: It’s about you.)

Throughout his World Cup career, Bode laid up skis by hand, counseled his teammates on the nuances of edge angles and flex profiles, and helped build the sidecuts that we all arc turns on today. But none of that innovative work happened in a vacuum. Bode was supported by the best ski technicians and coaches in the sport. Even now, he never fails to credit them with his success.

Bode Miller and Andy Wirth standing with skis in front of a truck

At Peak that level of service is everything. In fact, alongside tirelessly driving innovation, it’s at the core of what we do.

With Peak, you won’t encounter middlemen with sales quotas or soulless bots offering advice based on algorithms, instead you’ll interact with human beings who love skis and skiing, and want to treat you like you’re a star of the World Cup.

  • Ski design can only happen holistically. If you alter rocker, you alter turn initiation, which means you must adjust flex and torsion. These details matter. My name is on the skis.

    Bode Miller Cofounder, Peak Skis

  • It can take a decade for a new company to produce a ski that merits coverage, let alone podium in a category. In year one, Peak produced six podium contenders. I've never seen anything like it.

    David Currier Ski Test Director, Olympian

  • I've been testing skis for 22 years. In the past decade, skis have nearly been homogenized. But Peak skis perform like nothing on the market. The KeyHole™ changes everything.

    Marc Peruzzi Test Director; VP of Product, Peak Skis

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