Peak 104 By Bode
Peak 104 By Bode
Peak 104 By Bode

Peak® 104 by Bode

Rocky Mountain Daily Driver

It's plump enough for the deepest inbounds days, but thanks to KeyHole Technology™ it rips corduroy and hardpack, too. We'd ski it 80% of the time here in the Intermountain West.

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Peak® 104 by Bode
Peak® 104 by Bode
Peak 104 - Base
Peak® 104 by Bode
Peak® 104 by Bode
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Peak® 104 by Bode

Peak® 104 by Bode

Peak® 104 by Bode

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Our 104 is only a wee six millimeters fatter than the 98, but it’s an entirely different animal with more emphasis on a surfy feel. Back East, it’s a pure powder ski. Out West it's a surprisingly powered up all mountain ski. It slashes in trees, but you can take it all the way to Trenchtown, too. Back off the gas and scrub speed at will when it's time to get mellow.

Want a similar feel in a lighter-weight package? Check out the Peak 104 by Dav. It shares the same shape and rocker profile as the Peak 104 by Bode, but we stripped away most of the metal to shave many grams. You’ll notice the weight savings if you ever hike for your turns. Lighter-weight skiers who don’t want to muscle a stouter ski will also see the benefit.

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Peak® 104 by Bode

Whats Under the Hood

Although our Peak 104 has a wider footprint than our 98 for float, and a bit more rocker in the tip and tail for that surfy feel, its still got the 98's powered-up core—ash and poplar—and the full metal jacket of titanal in both the upper and lower laminates to soak up vibration and add edging power. Out West, it’s such a versatile ski that we don’t think twice about throwing it on the rack.

Additional Tech

 Peak® 104 by Bode
  • Weight
    (per ski)
  • Shovel Width 131mm
  • Waist 104mm
  • Tail Width 119mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Must of started something

I have a lot of ski's. Was ready to update the quiver in the fall and decided to try the Bode 104; why not with a no questions asked return policy. Jumped on them on the white ribbon of death early season and was giggling after the 3rd turn. Skied them in most conditions during the season and was consistently amazed at how well they do everything. Incredible.
I could go on and on about the ski but I'll just say I now have the 88, 98, 104(bought 2 and gave 1 to my neighbor cause she deserves it), and the 110.
Stated telling my ski buddies about the 104 and I believe we as a group have purchased at least 30 pair of peak ski's. We're going to try and get them all together for a photo and send it in; who knows when that will happen!
Keep up the good work Peak! Game changing!

Steve Storer
104's Exceed Expectations

Received my 104's late in the season. By the time I had the Marker Griffon's mounted, I was only able to use them one time. Fortunately, it was a blue bird day at Mt. Bachelor. The 104's exceeded expectations on the groomers. Very fast and responsive to long carving turns. Great purchase...looking forward to next season!

Rob B. Bowers
Peak 104, Fantastic!

I purchased the Peak 104 skis late season and only have 6 days on them. They have exceeded all my expectations.
They are fun to carve on the groomers and are very stable at high speeds. They also cut effortlessly through the crud and are amazing on a powder day.
They are a FANTASTIC all mountain ski.

Taylor Bertin
104s are money

Skied Mary’s nipple at grand Targhee with some mild powder and they were money! Love em!!

Dave Heller Heller
104/178’s & 98/178’s

Highly recommended by friends that owned them I originally bought the 98’s for a good all mountain ski that was strong enough to cut thru crud and previously skied powder, (going through my previous tracks😂). I also wanted a quick turning ski and it does all that and more. Real playful! For deeper powder I demoed the 104’s on a 15”+ day at Beaver Creek and they didn’t disappoint! As playful as the 98’s and quick turning. There’s no going back for me now! Loved my Head Cores, but these are a lot of fun!! Highly recommend them!