Peak 104
Peak 104

Peak® 104

Rocky Mountain Daily Driver

It's plump enough for the deepest inbounds days, but thanks to KeyHole Technology™ it rips corduroy and hardpack, too. We'd ski it 80% of the time here in the Intermountain West.

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Peak® 104

Peak® 104

Peak® 104

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Ski Length Guide

Our 104 is only a wee six millimeters fatter than the 98, but it’s an entirely different animal with more emphasis on a surfy feel. Back East, it’s a pure powder ski. Out West it's a surprisingly powered up all mountain ski. It slashes in trees, but you can take it all the way to Trenchtown, too. Back off the gas and scrub speed at will when it's time to get mellow.

Want a similar feel in a lighter-weight package? Check out the 104SC. It shares the same shape and rocker profile as the standard 104, but we stripped away most of the metal to shave many grams. You’ll notice the weight savings if you ever hike for your turns. Lighter weight skiers who don’t want to muscle a stouter ski will also see the benefit.

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No Buyer’s Remorse—Ever

"We test Peak Skis, so you don't have to."

That's a guiding principle here at Peak. From phase one prototyping to final production and beyond, we test our skis to make sure they offer the huge performance window we envisioned. The customer is not our guinea pig.

But we also know that every skier is looking for a specific "feel" in a ski, and we support that. If you aren't happy with the ski you selected (maybe you bought the wrong length or model) you can return it for another model/length—or a full refund.

We're tempted to call that a "no questions asked" exchange, but in fact we like to ask questions, so we get better at what we do.

Here's the deal: For any skis purchased after March 15th, you have until December 31st of that year to return them for another set of skis or a full refund. If you buy and receive your skis after December 31st, you have 30 days to ski them and decide.

To make this easier, just hold onto the box the skis come in and then fill out the below form and we'll respond with a return label. 

It's a pretty easy return—for a product with the dimensions of lumber.


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All Returns

We are only able to refund to the original method of payment. Please allow at least 7 days for the refund to appear on your card.  See below for other details.

Exchanges on Skis

We are happy to exchange your skis within the time frames described above for another model of the same year that we currently have in stock.  Just email and include your original order number (PS-####), which ski model and length you are sending back and which ski model and length you would like to receive. 

We’ll send you a FedEX return label to put on the box.  Then drop off the box at a FedEX location and make sure to get a receipt!  We will ship out the replacements within a week of receiving the return and will send you a tracking number so you can follow their progress.

Ski Returns

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Bindings must be in unmounted condition in the original packaging including all mounting hardware, labels and inserts.  The original binding box must be enclosed in another box to protect the binding box from damage. Email us at to get a FedEX return label and make sure to get a receipt when you drop them off. 

Returns on Promotions

The return policy on promotions (including bundles) varies based on the offer and is communicated in the advertisement, offer email or the page related to the promotion.  Typically, all items in the promotion must be returned in order to receive a full refund and non-ski products (bindings, goggles, etc . . . ) must be in new, unused condition, with tags in the original box.  Keep this in mind if you plan to mount bindings that were part of a promotion.  Buy-one-get-one free offers require the return of all items to receive a refund as partial refunds are not permitted.


Shipping on purchases over $50, in U.S., is free (for returns too). Elsewhere in the world, the customer pays shipping, duties and fees, but that’s all easily calculated with at checkout.


Free Returns

Don't love your skis? Exchange or return for a full refund. If you receive your new Peak skis in the summer or fall, you have until December 31st of that year to return them for another set of skis or a full refund. (That way you have time to ski on them in December.) If you buy and receive your skis after December 31st, you have 30 days to ski them and decide.

More details


While unlikely, it’s possible that you will receive a pair of skis with a minor flaw. It’s also possible, while out enjoying your skis, something goes wrong with them that is unrelated to the ski conditions or environment. Should a circumstance arise where you discover a flaw after putting your skis on snow, and you are the original owner, we will happily replace them for up to three years from the date of purchase. Enjoying your skis is paramount; if enjoying your skis results in damage to the skis from any number of hazards that exist in the mountain environment, we trust that you’ll understand if we have a tough time replacing them due to conditions or circumstances outside of Peak’s realm of influence.

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Peak® 104

Whats Under the Hood

Although our Peak 104 has a wider footprint than our 98 for float, and a bit more rocker in the tip and tail for that surfy feel, its still got the 98's powered-up core—ash and poplar—and the full metal jacket of titanal in both the upper and lower laminates to soak up vibration and add edging power. Out West, it’s such a versatile ski that we don’t think twice about throwing it on the rack.

Additional Tech

 Peak® 104
  • Weight
    (per ski)
  • Shovel Width 132mm
  • Waist 104mm
  • Tail Width 120mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tracy Smith
Best Skis Ever

Hey, I have been meaning to let you guys know how much I like my Peak skis. Your email on the 4th has made me finally do so.

A little background to start: I just finished my 60th season of skiing. I was started very young by my parents and as a teen raced with the Loveland Ski Team for 6 seasons. I also instructed for a few seasons. In 1995 along with my wife we bought a ski shop, Mt Shavano Ski Shop near Salida, CO. Our local ski area is Monarch Mountain. After 27+ seasons we sold the shop recently. (the shop just had its 50th season!) During the course of owning and running the shop I have tested countless skis and purchased many pairs for my personal use. I currently have 40+ pairs and ski almost every one each season. They range from beer league race carvers to all mountain to very fat pow specific with a few tele mounts in the mix.

I purchased a pair of Peak 104’s early this past season and first skied them starting in late Dec. when the snow was getting reasonably good. This is the first pair of skis in a long time that I had not demoed prior to purchase (also the 1st pair I paid retail price) but I had been following the Peak story since I became aware of them and wanted to try them out. The keyhole idea matches up with my idea of how a ski should work, easy turn initiation and power under the boot. So I went for it hoping they would be good.

I HAVE NEVER SKIED ON A PAIR OF SKIS THAT WORKS THIS GOOD!!! It was apparent from the first turn that these are an incredible ski. Effortless to turn, stable, quick, forgiving, floats when needed, carves when you want, carves any radius you want, slarves through pow and mixed conditions with ease, any condition any slope they work great, in a word AWESOME! On my rating system that I used when testing new skis they rate a 10+ out of 10 in every category but most impressive is that I rate them a 10++ on my confidence scale. Just jump on and go no learning curve just ski them!
I talked a buddy into a pair, the 88’s, he loves them, I also skied his a few runs and was impressed. I got a pair for my wife, the 104’s, she liked them but was only able to get few runs in before hurting a knee in a fall. (not the skis fault) I was so impressed that when you made a half price offer late in the season I bought a pair of 98’s. I have skied them a few times, spring conditions and am very impressed, they will probably be my #1 ski next season.

I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring for Peak. I like that you are having them produced by Elan, I used many Elan’s in my rental and demo fleet and always loved the quality. The only comment that I would say is that building shorter versions, 160 – 150 for the smaller person would be good. We debated about the 168 for my wife a 160 – 162 would probably be better for her. When I owned the ski shop I had lots of ladies that are very good skiers in the 5’ to 5’4 height range that we were always trying to find good “shorter” skis for.

Thanks for making a great product,
Tracy Smith

Matt M

Really not much to say. These skis are incredible! Masters of the mountain at JH!

Anna Howard
Perfect for everything

I love these skis! Whether I want to ride groomers, powder, or anything in between, these skis are ready for it all. Couldn't recommend more.

Eric March

Purchased 178cm  104s . Im 5'7 175 pd  50 yr old aggressive skier from Midwest. X racer but still train early season . Moved to Colorado 3 seasons ago and found myself having trouble finding a ski that works for me in pow and trees which I had close to no experience with in 40+yrs skiing Midwest.  Have had about every condition within the 4 weeks I've had these skis .  Absolutely love them!!  instantly gave me confidence i was lacking in a longer reverse camber ski i was using for pow days skiing narrow shoots and trees. If that wasn't good enough the big surprise for me was you can still rip turns on groomers !  have no regrets buying the 104s and would like to purchase the 110s down the road .

Geoffrey Morris
Awesome all big mountain ski

skied 14 days at BigSky and I couldn’t notice a difference on groomers of these 104 and my Bizzard 88. Carving high speed turns was great. However they really stood out skiing the deep powder off the Dakota lift both in trees and in the bowl. Light enough but handled spring crud easily. Recommended to all my family and friends