Peak 104

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PEAK 104

Float, Surf, Carve.

Our 104 is only a wee six millimeters fatter than the 98, but it’s an entirely different animal with more emphasis on a surfy feel. In the Rockies, where trails are just suggestions, we’d ski it 80 percent of the time. Back East it’s a pure powder ski. It slashes in trees, but Bode takes it to Trenchtown too.

Reserve now with a fully refundable $50 deposit.

Peak 104

What's Under the Hood?

Although our Peak 104 has a wider footprint than our 98 for float, and a bit more rocker in the tip and tail for that surfy feel, it retains the 98’s powered up core—ash and poplar—and the full metal jacket of titanal in both the upper and lower laminates to soak up vibration and add edging power. Out West, it’s such a versatile ski that we don’t think twice about throwing it on the rack.

Tail width 120.8mm
Waist 104mm
Shovel width 132.5mm

We’re pretty sure you need a 104.

At Peak, we’re about quality over quantity. Meaning the 104s will likely sell out before the first ropes drop. 
But $50 now guarantees you’ll have some of these surfy but adept boards ready before first turns.

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Reserve Your PEAK 104

Blow up powder and slip through the trees with the KeyHole Technology equipped Peak 104.

It’s all the powder ski most of us will ever need, but you can shred corduroy in the 104 too. Put a pair on hold now. The down payment is refundable. Missing out on a day of rope-drop untracked is not.

$50 Fully Refundable Deposit.

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