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Peak Launches Crowdfunding Initiative

Unique opportunity to invest in Peak's future and help revolutionize the ski industry

Since launching in April of 2022, Peak has already reshaped the ski industry in numerous ways. In year one, we introduced the game-changing KeyHole Technology™, a proprietary innovation changing the way skis turn and grip edges, along with PEAK Lôc8™, a first-of-its-kind locating and tracking device. Peak has also received unprecedented ratings, acclaim, and accolades in industry-leading ski tests and publications. 

And the best part, we are just getting started. 

Crowdfunding Closes February 26, 2024

As we kick off year two, our team remains obsessed with innovation. Our short- and long-term vision has us focused beyond just skis, but also the development of advanced materials, integration of cutting-edge technologies and even changing the process and machinery used to make skis.

We are excited to invite you to join us as we take our mission to the next level by offering the unique opportunity to invest in the company’s future through Republic Group, an esteemed investment firm based in New York City. Republic specializes in online fundraising and financial services and has played a role in new and growth stage companies such as SpaceX, Axiom Space, Robinhood and Carta.

Those who invest in Peak through Republic, for as little as $250, will have a financial stake in the company. There will also be rewards depending on the level of investment from Peak branded vests, to discounts on skis, to a day of skiing with Bode. This financial stake could convert to equity if certain “trigger events” occur, such as the company’s acquisition or IPO.

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“Bode and I are excited to launch this initiative as it affords our community of customers and all who share a passion for skiing, a unique opportunity to be a direct part of Peak’s success and growth as investors. Bode, the Peak team and I are prideful in what we’ve accomplished in our first year, but we are just getting started, and this effort will help fuel our near- and long-term growth and intense focus on innovation.”

- Andy Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Peak Ski Company

“This isn’t primarily a financial endeavor,” says Bode Miller. “Andy and I have worked with Republic on other projects and have seen first hand how this type of investment initiative can democratize, in many ways, an industry. People love our skis and now they can be part of it. It’s about letting people join us on this journey. We’ve already built a loyal community of customers and brand ambassadors, and this gives us a chance to continue to expand and strengthen that community by bringing them even further into the fold.”

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