Peak Earns Unprecedented Ski-Test Praise

Peak is making headlines with remarkable ratings and accolades from annual ski tests

While the constant stream of 5-star reviews had us feeling confident we had created an outstanding ski, we spent much of last season wondering how Peak would perform when put to the test against the top skis in the industry.

Now we know.

In our first year of operation, we have garnered exceptional ratings and accolades across the most prestigious outlets including Outside / SkiMag, Freeskier, Blister, Backcountry, SkiTalk and more.

Featured Accolades

Outside / SkiMag

The four models we submitted ranked highly in seven different categories. The Peak 98 by Bode made the podium for Best All-Mountain Skis category.


All five Peak Skis submission were honored with the prestigious Freeskier Editors' Pick Award.⁠ Peak 88 by Bode made the podium for the Best All-Mountain Skis.


Peak receives two coveted awards including the Editor’s Choice award in Backcountry’s most highly-read issue of the year: 2024 Gear Guide.


All six models we submitted received "Blister Recommended" awards

Outside / Skimag

Each spring, Outside and SKI Magazine conduct rigorous testing on hundreds of skis to determine the best of the best. This year Outside, SKI, and Backpacker came together to collaboratively produce the ultimate Winter Gear Guide, and we are ecstatic to announce that every model we submitted ranked highly across multiple ski categories.

  1. Peak 88 by Bode: Best Frontside Skis
  2. Peak 88 by Bode: Best Frontside Skis for Women
  3. Peak 98 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Skis
  4. Peak 98 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Skis for Women
  5. Peak 104 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Wide Skis
  6. Peak 104 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Wide Skis for Women
  7. Peak 110 by Bode: Best Women's Powder Skis
  • The Peak 88 embodies Bode’s New England upbringing and Montana ethos: It’s a ski that can rail turns on hardpack and also keep its composure in choppy snow.

    Outsiide Tester

  • The Peak 98 by Bode is an über-universal all-mountain ski that appeals to the masses, and it gets attention in the lift line, capable in any turn radius, soft and confident in the crud, and super fun everywhere on the mountain.

    Outside Tester

  • The Peak 104 stood out from the crowd with notable edge hold regardless of terrain or velocity. In soft, unbroken snow, the Peak 104 floats with ease; in crud, the ski’s stout construction allows you to drive it with authority; on groomers, it really shines.

    Outside Testers

  • Super stable underfoot, and I could trust it to bust up anything in front of me. I was skiing faster than I normally would because of the fresh snow, and this ski definitely rewarded that.

    Jenny Wiegand, Outside’s Associate Gear Director

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Each season, Freeskier Magazine assembles a team of elite skiers, known for their uncompromising pursuit of excellence. They hit the slopes to put next year's skis from various brands to the ultimate test. Riding, evaluating, and carefully selecting only the very best skis to secure a coveted spot in the Freeskier Buyer's Guide. 

In our very first year of testing with Freeskier Magazine, every single Peak Skis submission has clinched the esteemed Freeskier Editors' Pick Award.

  • Peak 88 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Ski
  • Peak 98 by Bode: Best All-Mountain Ski
  • Peak 98 by Dav: Best All-Mountain Ski
  • Peak 104 by Dav: Best Big-Mountain Ski
  • Peak 110 by Bode: Best Powder Ski
  • It’s an on-piste weapon, as the ski will eat crud and firm snow, giving you confidence on days when others won’t even step out. Part of the control and stability lies in Peak Skis’ Keyhole Technology. A strategic keyhole cut in the ski’s inner metal gives an easier initiation into the turn and allows you more stability with a balanced flex. Our testers felt the difference immediately.

    Freeskier magazine

  • the 98 by Bode is an all-mountain missile that won’t shy away from anything in the resort. Our testers consistently mentioned that the 98 by Bode gave them a feeling of confidence at speed and stability on their edges, even on steep slopes with less-than-optimal snow. It’s a ski that takes you along and says with a comforting voice, ‘Get in. We’re going skiing.

    Freeskier magazine

  • Light but stable. A paradox? Maybe. Impossible? Not for the wizards at Peak Skis. Best suited for a rider who craves resort hikes, backcountry day missions or just a nimble, stable and responsive ski, the 98 by Dav is a super fun, agile ski. Carves like a dream and engages turns easily and efficiently.

    Freeskier Magazine

  • When a brand is led by legendary Olympic alpine ski racer Bode Miller, you best believe that its skis are going to absolutely demolish every standard you have ever had about directional, carving-oriented skis.

    Freeskier Magazine

  • It’s a unique blend that sets it apart from most powder skis on the market today, and our testers were infatuated with the results. Few skis can carve a mean arc AND float through the deepest powder on Earth like the 110 by Bode.

    Freeskier Magazine

  • This ski is mind-blowing. It held as much speed as I could throw at it and carved with a damp precision. Ridiculously quick in the moguls, it charged the steeps and was a perfect floatation device in pow.

    Ski tester Leslie Resnick 

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Peak receives two coveted awards including the Editor’s Choice award in Backcountry’s most highly-read issue of the year: 2024 Gear Guide.

  • Peak 104 by Dav - Sport Touring Skis Gear Guide Select
  • Peak 98 by Dav - Sport Touring Skis Editor's Choice