Peak 110
Peak 110

Peak 110

your future just got deeper

The biggest days await you and your Peak 110s with KeyHole Technology™. It’s a quiver ski for most, but a daily driver in Deepville. Discover what it’s like to float AND carve.

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Peak 110

Peak 110

Peak 110

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When the atmospheric rivers are flowing in the coast ranges, the 110 is an everyday ski. We’re talking Tahoe to Whistler, where the snow is more of a dense cream than a cold smoke. For most everyone else, the 110 comes out on storm days. There’s not a dump that can sink it. Bizarrely, you can rip turns on it inbounds too. That’s Bode’s signature on there. It’s the most versatile ski over 108mm we’ve ever tested. 

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Shipping & Returns

No Buyer’s Remorse—Ever. 

"We test Peak Skis, so you don't have to."

That's a guiding principle here at Peak. From phase one prototyping to final production and beyond, we test our skis to make sure they offer the huge performance window we envisioned. The customer is not our guinea pig.

But we also know that every skier is looking for a specific "feel" in a ski, and we support that. If you aren't happy with the ski you selected (maybe you bought the wrong length or model) you can return it for another model/length—or a full refund.

We're tempted to call that a "no questions asked" exchange, but in fact we like to ask questions, so we get better at what we do.

Here's the deal: If you receive your new Peak skis in the summer or fall, you have until December 31st of that year to return them for another set of skis or a full refund. (That way you have time to ski on them in December.) If you buy and receive your skis after December 31st, you have 30 days to ski them and decide.

To make this easier, just hold onto that nice box the skis come in and then send us an email at and we'll respond with a return label and notify the carrier to come get them. That's when we'll ask some questions so we can get you on the right skis. Of course, you'll need to have a shop remove the bindings first. But that's about five-minute job for a tech.

It's a pretty easy return—for a product with the dimensions of lumber.

Returns on Non-Ski Products

Unused apparel and non-ski gear (anything that is not a ski) that is in new condition with tags and in the original box, may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. 

Returns on Promotions

The return policy on promotions varies based on the offer and is communicated in the advertisement, offer email or the page related to the promotion.  Typically, all items in the promotion must be returned in order to receive a full refund and non-ski products (bindings, goggles, etc . . . ) must be in new, unused condition, with tags in the original box.  Keep this in mind if you plan to mount bindings that were part of a promotion.  Buy-one-get-one free offers require the return of all items to receive a refund as partial refunds are not permitted.


Shipping on purchases over $50, in North America, is free (for returns too). Elsewhere in the world, the customer pays shipping, duties and fees, but that’s all easily calculated with our FedEx app at checkout.



While unlikely, it’s possible that you will receive a pair of skis with a minor flaw. It’s also possible, while out enjoying your skis, something goes wrong with them that is unrelated to the ski conditions or environment. Should a circumstance arise where you discover a flaw after putting your skis on snow, and you are the original owner, we will happily replace them for up to three years from the date of purchase. Enjoying your skis is paramount; if enjoying your skis results in damage to the skis from any number of hazards that exist in the mountain environment, we trust that you’ll understand if we have a tough time replacing them due to conditions or circumstances outside of Peak’s realm of influence.

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Peak 110

Whats Under the Hood

Forever, powder skis were 115 millimeters-plus underfoot with elf shoe rocker. But beyond a film shoot, when does a ski like that really make sense? They’re less than friendly to your knees on hardpack, and you damn near have to dislocate the hip to edge. We designed our 110 to be more than a powder specialty ski. Fat, yes. But not gluttonous. It features the same KeyHole Technology™ as every Peak ski, but we reduced the metal to shave grams. Our Powder Core of poplar, paulownia, and polyurethane stringers soaks up chatter and keeps this plank at fighting weight. It’s loose and spritely off-trail, but on groomers, it arcs a silky smooth turn.

Additional Tech

 Peak 110
  • Weight
    (per ski)
  • Shovel Width 138mm
  • Waist 110mm
  • Tail Width 129mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I should be the luckiest person this ski season. My wife said I absolutely do not need another pair of skis, unless they were half price. Then came the offer of 2 for 1. Yep, got two for the price of one and at age 72 was ecstatic to try the new 88's. Looking to carve turns with quick release, holding edge at higher speeds, it was incredible and now can through away my old carvers. The 110's are still virgin but expect to us them as a nice 22" to 29" storm is now dumping at Palisades Tahoe. If anything like the 88"s my purchase will be totally an "A".

Bayard Dominick
Most playful powder ski!!

Skied the 110s for the first time in a cat skiing trip to Revelstoke. Wow, I love them. They are light and playful in the powder, can power through the Chunder and still rip the hard pack. Very stable ski. I love them.

Peter Papineau

I have skied 65 seasons all conditions on many top brand skis. Tried a number of all mountain skis. My experience Has been the big under foot skis are good in the soft conditions only. The ones big under foot that performed on groomers usually we’re ok in soft but a lot of work. I found the 178/110 Peak very user friendly and playful. Steep narrow lines short pivot turns with a little smear for speed control is a no brainer, or let ‘em run it out with confidence and big arc’s. I also noticed in the crud and bumps the ski tip extremely forgiving giving me a high level of confidence to push my skill level if you will. Very easy to put them in a down hill direction. Then the finish when you head home on the groomers tip them up and get some big angles. Really unreal, no tip flopping and serious carving if you still have fuel enough in your legs. They are the real deal. Hats off to Mr. Bodi Miller and his Comrades on a well designed ski.

Ron W.
The 178 110 gets a workout in Utah during the NYE week storm cycle.

My 178cm 110's were just skied four days straight at Snowbird and Snowbasin Utah. Conditions were mostly powder of varying depths up to 18". Sometimes dry and sometimes very heavy. I ran this ski up to 60mph briefly on a groomer and it was remarkably stable. I also spent hours maneuvering it about in deep powder at very slow speeds on pretty steep angles like the Cirque at Snowbird. I had total confidence in this ski on every turn on every run at every speed and in every snow condition. Great job you guys, you built a helluva stick!