Peak 98

Nice job on the quiz. You just boosted your GPA with the Peak 98.

Sounds like you need the most versatile ski ever dreamed up.

Why did you land on the Peak 98? It’s pretty simple really, you need a ski that carves on trail, floats in boot-deep powder, and covers you for 80 percent or more of your days on snow. (Really its performance only suffers in thigh-deep cement.) Bumps, trees, open bowls, packed powder, and groomer lap after groomer lap? The 98 is the only ski you need if you only want to own one pair of skis.

  • Price:
    Regular price $499.00
    Regular price $890.00 Sale price $499.00
  • Best used for: 50% Off-Trail , 50% On-Trail
  • Available sizes: 168 , 178 , 184

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