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Sometimes it's all about the win. Sometimes it's all about the skiing.

—Bode Miller

Bode Miller building a set of skis

Designed to Unlock Your Skiing

Great skis aren't tough to ski on. Great skis are fun to ski on. That's the design principle behind Peak's KeyHole Technology™. From mellow groomers to backcountry powder to alpine faces, let KeyHole open new doors to the mountains.

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Gear, apparel and craftsmanship as unique as Peak Skis.

Artisanal, Innovative—Cool.

Check out the latest offerings from our partners in Montana, Italy, and beyond.

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Bode Miller holding skis


The world knows Bode as the winningest male alpine ski racer in U.S. history, but here in Montana, Bode is evolving the sport — again.

Meet Bode

  • It can take a decade for a new company to produce a top ski. Peak did it in year one. I've never seen anything like it.

    David Currier Magazine Ski Test Director

  • Peak skis perform like nothing on the market. KeyHole changes everything.

    Marc Peruzzi Test Director; VP of Product, Peak Skis

  • Ski design can only happen holistically. Details matter. My name is on the skis.

    Bode Miller Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer

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