Peak 104 By Dav

Whoa, you really know what you’re after, and that’s the 104 By Dav.

The 104 By Dav is a hybrid ski, meaning it’s lighter weight and up for adventuring.

We don’t like to pigeonhole our skis, they’re too versatile for that. The 104 By Dav that you just landed on is a case in point. To some it’s a backcountry ski. To others it’s a hybrid perfect for inbounds and out of bounds skiing. To still more it’s a lighter, easier, and more playful take on our standard 104 By Bode. But no matter where your plans take you they’ll include fun. The 104 By Dav offers remarkable edge grip underfoot, but it’s never demanding.

  • Price:
    Regular price $869.00
    Regular price Sale price $869.00
  • Best used for: 30% On-Trail , 70% Exploration
  • Available sizes: 160 , 168 , 178 , 184

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