Peak 98SC

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Hike-To Steeps; East Coast Trees; Blower Powder Next to the Skintrack.


The 98SC is as unbounded as the mountains. It’s our ski of choice for inbounds hike-to terrain; chalky alpine snow; spring ski tours; summer couloirs, and anytime you want a bit more maneuverability in a mid-fat width. The SC stands for “side country,” and that means you can pair it with pretty much any boot/binding combination. But it was designed to perform with resort-to-AT hybrid bindings and freeride boots with walk/tour modes.

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What's Under the Hood?

It comes out of the same mold as our powered up Peak 98, but the 98SC is no clone. Less metal (but there are still two layers) saves weight for shouldering or skin tracks, and makes for easier piloting with today’s walk-mode boots and rubber soles. Meanwhile, our Storm Rocker footprint offers more splay in the tip and tail for a ski that’s easier to break free in trees and crust. The build makes for a surfier feel off-trail, while ensuring manageable edging.

Tail width 114.8mm
Waist 98mm
Shovel width 126.5mm

Need a 98SC to move beyond the boundaries?

At Peak, we’re about quality over quantity. Meaning the 98SCs will likely sell out before the rocks are covered. But $50 now guarantees you’ll be putting skins on these mid-fats as you’re reading the early avalanche reports.


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$50 Fully Refundable Deposit.

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