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Rip Everything.

Only want to own one pair of skis? You should reconsider that. But if forced, reach for the Peak 98. It leaves trenches on hardpack and blows up powder.

In our world view, the Peak 98 is the ski that 80 percent of skiers should be piloting 80 percent of the time. It’s that versatile. Looking at nothing but groomers today? You can cruise at family speeds or blast super-G turns. Off-trail in powder, crud, chalk, or corn, it’s nimble and floaty enough for all but the deepest of resort days. The 98 defines the all mountain category. Want the same silhouette in a more playful build? Bounce over to the Peak 98SC page.

Reserve now with a fully refundable $50 deposit.


What's Under the Hood?

Designed, engineered, and built to be ripped on packed snow at least 50 percent of the time, while still smearable off-trail, the Peak 98 is our most adept shapeshifter. Here, a paulownia and ash core get sandwiched by two sheets of metal. But to detune the ski just enough for bowls and big lines, we didn’t run the bottom alloy wall-to-wall. A vertical cut in the upper metal makes for buttery turn initiation.

Tail width 114.8mm
Waist 98mm
Shovel width 126.5mm

Hankering for a Hunk of 98?

At Peak, we’re about quality over quantity. Meaning the 98s will likely sell out before the first storms roll through. 
But $50 now guarantees you’ll have some of these madly versatile skis beneath you when the lifts are spinning.

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Reserve Your PEAK 98

Find out what an all mountain ski really is with the KeyHole Technology™ equipped Peak 98.

The 98 transitions seamlessly from groomers to powder. Put a pair on hold now. The down payment is refundable. Missing out on a day of all mountain shredding is not.

$50 Fully Refundable Deposit.

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