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Rediscover the Art of the Turn.

Skiing is addictive because the terrain and snowpack are ever-changing, forcing you to adapt from turn to turn. That’s where the Peak 88 comes in. It’s a daily driver for groomer skiers, but catch the corn cycle or drop into a chute in the alpine and it arcs fall line turns off-trail too.

Smear turn them at will, or absolutely rail, they’re so balanced that you get to decide.

Reserve now with a fully refundable $50 deposit.


What's Under the Hood?

If not for the KeyHole™—and our dedication to delivering a smooth flex in each length—the 88 might come off as burly. Two full sheets of metal sandwich a paulownia and ash core and the bottom alloy runs “over the keys” in ski engineer speak, meaning it locks in above the edges to boost hard snow bite. Don’t get scared off. Because the 88 is built around our concept of “accessible power,” it only skis as hard as you do.

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Tail width 104mm
Waist 87mm
Shovel width 125mm

Want an 88 in your quiver?

At Peak, we’re about quality over quantity. Meaning the 88s will likely sell out before the snow guns scream. But $50 now guarantees you won’t suffer FOMO when it’s time to shred.

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Reserve now

Reserve Your PEAK 88

Rediscover the art of the turn on corduroy, chalk, and corn with the KeyHole Technology™ equipped Peak 88.

It slices, it dices, it makes those non-storm days fun again. Put a pair on hold now. The down payment is refundable. Missing out on a day of shredding is not.

$50 Fully Refundable Deposit.

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