Peak 110

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PEAK 110

Deeper Snow, Bigger Lines.

In the coast ranges when the atmospheric rivers are flowing, the 110 is an everyday ski. We’re talking Tahoe to Whistler where the snow is more of a dense cream than a cold smoke. For most everyone else, the 110 is a powder day weapon. There’s not a storm that can sink it. It’s big enough for Alaska, but it will also have you ripping breakable crust on that Lower 48 cat-ski outing too. Not that you can’t rip turns on it inbounds. That’s Bode’s signature on there. The 110 floats, pivots, and carves long, silky turns. It’s the most versatile ski over 108mm we’ve ever tested.

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PEAK 110

What's Under the Hood?

Forever, powder skis were 115 millimeters-plus underfoot with elf shoe rocker. But beyond a film shoot, such skis are limited. They torque on the knee on hardpack, and you have to dislocate the hip to edge. We designed our fat, but not gluttonous, 110 to be more than a powder specialty ski. It features the same KeyHole Technology™ as every Peak ski, but here we reduced the metal to shave grams. Our Powder Core of poplar, paulownia, and polyurethane stringers shaves weight and soaks up chatter. It’s loose and spritely off-trail, but on groomers it arcs a silky smooth turn.

Tail width 129mm
Waist 110mm
Shovel width 138.5mm

Need a 110 to make the best days better?

At Peak, we’re about quality over quantity. Meaning the 110s will likely sell out before the canyon sees its first bombing of the season. 
But $50 now guarantees you’ll have a set of these dream day skis ready when it goes off.

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The biggest days on the biggest mountains await you and your KeyHole Technology™ equipped 110s.

It’s a quiver ski for most, but a daily driver in Deepville. Put a pair on hold now. The down payment is refundable. Missing out on the biggest days of the season is not.

$50 Fully Refundable Deposit.

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