Peak's Inside Line

Buying Right: What Length Skis Should I Get?

02 August 2022

Having a hard time deciding on ski length? Trust us, we get it. Even pro skiers struggle to choose. Use what follows as a guide, but don’t discount what you already know: If you’re happy and feel confident on your current ski length, there’s not much reason to change. Need more help? Send us an […]

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Buying Right: Finding Your Dream Ski is Easier Than You Think

19 July 2022

Designed, engineered, and built to be ripped on packed snow at least 50 percent of the time, while still smearable off-trail, the Peak 98 is our most adept shapeshifter. Here, a paulownia and ash core get sandwiched by two sheets of metal. But to detune the ski just enough for bowls and big lines, we didn’t run the bottom alloy wall-to-wall. A vertical cut in the upper metal makes for buttery turn initiation.

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