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Find a new edge.

Using your data, Peak inspires and challenges you to master the slopes, by becoming a more aware skier.

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Introducing Peak

Peak brings together skis, sensors and software in a system designed to continuously improve your skiing experience. These components work together to collect data from all aspects of your day on the hill. Peak interprets this data for you, providing valuable insight, inspiration and après ski bragging rights.

Sensors reveal your ski story

Proprietary sensor technology in Peak Skis collects data about the forces at play during your runs. This data is interpreted in real-time and rendered into visualizations, custom tips, and rewards.

Sensors are embedded into both the core of the skis and the Peak Pod on top of the skis. The Pod is a tough, lightweight and elegant home for the sensors as well as the equipment that streams ski data from your skis to the Peak Software.

Peak Ski

Check out your data

We bring together data from all the different parts of the Peak system – your skis, the mountains, and you – to give you a complete view of your skiing, today and over time. Access Peak on the mountain or in the lodge, on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Just ski

Out on the slopes, it’s all about skiing. The Peak mobile app is ambient, quickly and seamlessly connecting to your skis, while also sharing key information with you about runs, lifts and conditions. Peak gets you out the door, so you get the most of your day.

Learn about your day

Back in the chalet, Peak can take you on a detailed review of your day, providing in-depth summaries and comparisons of runs, with turn-by-turn playback. Peak continuously learns about your skiing style from your data and offers personalized feedback and tips, as well as rewards when you improve and hit your personal milestones.

Reach a new peak

You can also set personal goals related to what you are interested in learning and mastering. Over time, Peak recommends mountains and challenges tailored to your skiing goals. Peak is designed to inspire you to reach new levels of performance, adventure, and mastery.